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I'm writing anything and everything that comes to mind. I guess you already knew that and I guess I knew you knew that. Because life never wants to be interesting; you have to force it into a shape that pleases you, squishing and prodding and it may just bend (if stubbornly) to your will as long as you don't eat too many strawberries. That would hurt the yurt. Kurt likes to be called Burt because it makes him feel special, his knees are special and up and down and all over he's just special. At the very least, that's what he wants you to think.

Overhead you're soaring
All fire and never boring
Leap into my heart like wildfire

Books have pages. Do I have pages? I am not a book. I am a page that is not part of a book. I take what comes and make sure it has no scratches or marks and then I spin it slowly around my head in an arc.

I need to go take my brother to karate. Woohoo.
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