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Must I always be waiting, waiting on you?

So I'm really bored. I'm supposed to clean my room; don't wanna. No surprise there. But I've been doing it, since I'm such a good girl and all. Organizing. Realizing I have way too much stuff. Not how I want to spend my break, but hey. Not many people are around anyway. Yet another reason to be unhappy I'm not in college this year with everyone else. Well, ok, with almost everyone else.
What can ya do?

Having trouble finding more than part-time internships for this next trimester. It's getting frustrating. Can't do photography since I don't have a car or Photoshop. Nor any semblance of Photoshop skills. Argh.

Life in Worcester is also just getting boring. I need, need, NEED to get out and do more stuff. Megan and I are thinking dance lessons. Plus weaving classes. It should be pretty fun.

I think I need a bike.

It's kind of fun to sit around and read all day, but honestly. I'm bored.
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